Paris - The World City

Paris, the most popular city destination in the world, has plenty of attractions but make sure you spend at least a day strolling off the beaten path, as this is the only way to discover the authentic Paris: a vibrantcosmopolitan but undeniably French city

Paris is Calling - World City and Tourist extravanganza

Travelling to Paris, enjoy the culture and the vava voom of Parisian Life

Saint-Germain-des-Prés is the oldest church in Paris and its roots go back to 512AD, when it was founded as a basilica. The church is at the center of a popular quarter of the same name.

Musée de Cluny

The National Museum of the Middle Ages, also known as the Cluny Museum has a magnificent collection of medieval art. It is housed in a medieval mansion with Gallo-Roman ruins.

Promenade Plantée
The world's first elevated park was created in the early 1990s on an abandoned elevated railway viaduct. It has been imitated by several cities, most notably New York.

Petit Palais
The Petit Palais (small palace) was built as a temporary structure for the World Fair of 1900. The magnificent Beaux-Arts building housed a large exposition of French Art. Today it is home to the Museum of Fine Arts.

Canal St-Martin
The Canal St-Martin is part of a series of canals dug in the early 19th century to provide Paris with fresh drinking water. Today people enjoy a stroll along the canal's picturesque locks and iron bridges.

National Library
This modern library was built in 1996 and consists of four 24-story buildings shaped as open books. The four towers enclose a central garden of about 1 hectare or 2.5 acres. 56

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