Paris - The World City

Paris, the most popular city destination in the world, has plenty of attractions but make sure you spend at least a day strolling off the beaten path, as this is the only way to discover the authentic Paris: a vibrantcosmopolitan but undeniably French city

Museums and Monuments


See one, see them all

1. Eiffel Tower
2. Louvre Museum
3. Notre Dame Cathedral
4. Arc de Triomphe
5. Versailles Palace
6. Sacré-Coeur
7. Champs-Elysées
8. Centre Pompidou
9. Place de la Concorde
10. Jardin du Luxembourg
11. Jardin des Tuileries
12. Musée d'Orsay
13. La Défense
14. Pont Neuf
15. Opéra de Paris Garnier

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